We are very flexible at Amsterdam Airport Parking. If you are already on the road and you have not reserved a parking space, it is best to contact us by phone. We will arrange it for you immediately.

It is possible to cancel your booking without additional costs up until 24 hours in advance. You do not pay any cancellation fee and you do not have to have any additional cancellation insurance.

Simply click on the link "Cancel booking" in the menu below. There you can fillout your ticket number and e-mail address and your booking will be cancelled.

Yes you will receive a confirmation of your reservation in your e-mail inbox immediately after booking. (of course a couple of minute delay is possible)

If you have not received it, check your spambox.

After checking your spambox and you still haven't received any confirmation we request you to contact us.

* If you have reached the confirmation page during the reservation process and you have been able to download your reservation voucher OR you have paid the reservation you can in any case assume that your reservation has been recorded in our system.

If you did not received a confirmation, the confirmation may have ended up in the spambox. We therefore would like to ask you to check your spambox or unwanted e-mails first. If you cannot find the confirmation here, you can contact us by e-mail or by phone.

However, we want to assure you that if you have already paid your reservation and if you have seen the confirmation page and downloaded the voucher, you can assume that your reservation has been recorded in our system anyway.

Jazeker, het vaste klant account is niet voorbehouden aan zakelijke klanten. Ook particuliere klanten kunnen gebruik maken van de voordelen van vaste klant accounts zoals het gemakkelijk inzien van gemaakte reserveringen en of het gemakkelijk wijzigen van reserveringen en meer.

Yes, the fixed customer account is not reserved for business customers. Private customers can also benefit from the advantages of regular customer accounts such as easy access to reservations made and whether it is easy to change reservations and more.

Yes of course you can. An account is very usefull for as well corporate customers as private customers. Private customers can also benefit from the advantages of an account such as easy management of all existing bookings, invoices and more.

If you want to change your reservation, this can easily be done on the change reservation page at the bottom of the page.

Simply enter your ticket number and the e-mail address you used when making your reservation and you can then easily change your reservation.

No at Amsterdam Airport Parking, unlike many other airport parkings in the Netherlands, your details are not sold to third parties. You can therefore safely assume that your data will remain with us and, if you request to do so, we will also removed them.